About the Dragon Sanctuary Blog

Welcome to the Dragon Sanctuary blog, this is intended to be a companion site to the Dragon Sanctuary, my on-line photo and video gallery.   Those of you who are familiar with the Dragon Sanctuary will know that while it contains many hundreds of railway photographs, mostly of heritage steam railways, it also contains quite a number of photographs of a wide variety of subjects and a good number of photographs that are artistic, abstract or just plain weird (depending on your point of view!).  There are also over 60 videos, mostly of heritage railways, but not exclusively.

Quite often I have thought it would be nice to be able to offer a few words of explanation or comment about the photographs and videos I add the Dragon Sanctuary, but there is not really the space to do this on the website pages.  I thought of using my Facebook page, but the problem with Facebook is that postings are very ephemeral and are often effectively lost under a deluge of adverts, memes, motivational messages and, of course, cat videos!  Your mileage may vary for Facebook, but I sometimes find it increasingly difficult to find the new posts from my friends and pages that I’ve ‘liked’ among all the background noise.

This blog is the answer I have come up with and as the main content of the Dragon Sanctuary is photographs of railways the main content of the Dragon Sanctuary  blog will be photography and railways, but not necessarily in that order, and there may be side excursions into other subjects on occasion.

That’s probably enough of an explanation about what this blog is about and my original plan was to write something each week, but this hasn’t quite happened.  The main reason being lack of time due to other commitments.  I like to do some research about the subjects I write about and I also like to take time to select and prepare the photos that are included with each post so preparing a post for publication can take a while.  New posts are announced on my Facebook page and on the Home Page of the Dragon Sanctuary.


The above was the idea back in November 2016 when I started the blog.  While I never expected the blog to be wildly popular, after about one and a half years I rather hoped it would receive more than 2 or 3 visits a week, but it was not to be.  My Facebook announcements gained several “Likes” but according to the stats none translated into actual visits to the posts mentioned in the announcements.  So I took the decision that the time I spent researching, writing and preparing pictures for posts that almost no one was reading could be better spent. 

Thank you for visiting my blog, and special thanks to those who took the time to post comments,  I haven’t totally given up on it and am considering what direction to take it, so I hope you’ll look in again sometime to see what, if anything, is happening.

In the meantime please visit www.Dragon-sanctuary.co.uk where new photos and videos are being added regularly.




A word about advertising on this blog.  There isn’t any!  Occasionally I may mention a product or piece of software, I do this because I use it and like it.  I get no payments from anyone or any company for such mentions.

The content of any comments posted on this blog are the opinions of the comment poster and not myself.  Please think carefully about following any link included in a comment.